The cosmic-disco revival continues to bloom, and Colors of the Sun adds another beautiful petal to the vividly hued flower. The project of producer Samuel Milton Grawe and guitarist Dan Judd, Hatchback grooves metronomically as if punk never happened. Colors luxuriates in billows of Vangelis synth fantasias and Tangerine Dream arpeggios while leisurely percolating over pastoral Autobahns. Besides these elements, Hatchback crafts sumptuous melodies that flirt with yacht-funk cheesiness, but ultimately fill you with tranquility. While “Everything Is Neu” telegraphs its reverent, revved-up homage to the Krautrock pioneers, much of Colors triggers memories of ’90s chillmeisters Ultramarine. Near the end, the disc dims slightly, but overall, it’s the sort of halcyon reverie that makes you want to dance–horizontally.