Originally released as a 10-part series 12-inch records in 2004, the Colorseries marked the turning point for techno minimalist Donnacha Costello’s career. Three years later, these jams still stand the test of time, as top artists such as Josh Wink, Ricardo Villalobos, Magda, and Tiefschwarz are still licensing the tracks for mix compilations. Costello hand picks his favorite selections from the once vinyl-only series and re-masters them, edits little bits here and there, and adds a few exclusive tracks to complete the CD. Starting off with the bleepy “Orange,” the compilation builds to the acidic succession of “Opal Sessions” before moving into the deeper realms on “Blue,” and finishing with the poppy “Mustard.” Smooth and classic, Costello’s selection would be a colorful addition to your minimal arsenal.