For its 300th release, and the third installment of its Freshly Composted sampler-style collection series, Compost Records proves once again that electronic neo- and dance-jazz not only deserves to remain on our musical radar, but might just be a beacon–not a blip. Compost’s signature warm, augmented chords and loping dance beats appear on tracks like Alif Tree’s “Mai” and Beanfield’s “Tides,” and Eddy Meets Yannah’s “Solid Ground” has that spiritual crescendo that Body & Soul would’ve died for. On perhaps the collection’s finest track, Wojtek Urbanski’s “Violet Violin” uses circa-2001 glitches and a broken beat to augment a proud and schizophrenic violin schema. If they’ll sound anything like this, let Compost’s next 300 roll on!