Beat Pharmacy’s Brendon Moeller has learned from digital dub’s past indiscretions by severely limiting his output (one album and three singles precede this release) and expertly mixing his sonic cocktail. Constant Pressure sounds unlike other established (and often mundane) digital dub acts. Rhythm & Sound vocalist Paul St. Hillaire appears on “Hot Spot Splash,” which rumbles like a classic ’70s Wackies stepper cut, rather than a Burial Mix tech-dub rip off. 4/4 rhythms punctuate Pressure, as house, jazz, and ambient influences share equal hits off the chalice. Dub poet Mutabaruka’s throaty pronouncements haunt the minimal “Wata,” while “Slow Down” and “Rat Race” are swirling, somnolent dubs for mental magic carpet rides. Fill your prescription at this Pharmacy and you’ll forget all the digital dung your ears previously absorbed.