Like the title says, this Lootpack rapper’s ¸ber-personal, linear style is truly on some kaffeeklatsch ish. Luckily, Declaime is a slack-voiced, likeable man who won’t preach or whineñ and when he cracks open the memoirs to the “pain” chapter, he gets his best tracks, whether lamenting his daughter’s estrangement on the gut wrenching “Dearest Desire” or advising baby-daddies on “Neverending Remix” (“How we gonna grow soldiers/if we ain’t there to grow the soldiers?”). Madlib’s beats crank up like a janky escalator while OhNo keeps the kvetching vibe alive on laidback West Coast styles. And riffing the “Chim Chim Chiree” melody (“Knowledge Born”) is just gangsta.