Cincinnati hip-hop producer Boom Bip makes music for the corner of the eye. Unlike the bedrock-solid breaks, concrete girder rhymes and gleaming glass-and-steel hooks of “traditional” hip-hop, Boom Bip’s willowy loops leave a lot to the imagination. Now Boom Bip has been interpreted by several imagineer peers on a compendium of remixes that combine his Peel sessions with four new tracks. Respectfully reflective, Boards of Canada goes for a wispy, soft filter and a glistening sun-dappled feel. Considering Canadian producer Aaron “Venetian Snares” Funk’s history of making music from the sounds of sexual intercourse, the robofunk fucking applied to “The Unthinkable” is surprisingly subdued. “Closed Shoulders (cLOUDDEAD remix)” is an eerie plod, a blunted haze, and Four Tet sets off a squadron of wind-up toys that gently rustle. As for the original tracks, refracted hints of Future Sound of London and Kid Loco’s submerged shuffle adorn solid contributions to an atrium of melodious drifts.