In a just world, Baby Dayliner would be an icon in the new wave of crooner-inspired pop acts, proudly adorning shiny shirts and dreaming of headlining Radio City. As that’s clearly not going to happen soon, we’ll have to be content with Critics Pass Away, his near-perfect second album. Equal parts Morrissey, Gainsbourg, Adam Ant, and Manilow-for real-BD (a.k.a. Ethan Marunas) invites you to his electro-pop lounge act where piano-tickling and jazz standards are flung out the window, and samplers and drum machines prevail. Upbeat tracks like the opener “At Least” delightfully romp on the border of Vegas-style cheese without ever sounding trite or contrived. Baby Dayliner is the white, bequiffed, male vocalist brilliantly repackaged for the iTunes generation, and even when the LP loses a little steam (near the mid-album “Breezy”) you’ll be so busy bopping that you’ll hardly notice.