Legowelt (a.k.a. Danny Wolfers) has been enjoying something of a hot streak recently. Between last year’s excellent full-length for Clone Jack for Daze, The Paranormal Soul, the Unknown to the Unknown-released Star Gazing EP, and a brand-new 12″ on L.I.E.S., the prolific Dutch producer seems to have settled into his latest incarnation as someone who explores the deeper strains of Chicago and Detroit house and techno. The only downside of this is that it’s now easier than ever to predict what a new Legowelt release will entail—usually some combination of brittle drum programming, chugging, acid-informed basslines, and a cosmic, iridescent synth sheen. All of these elements are present on the limited-edition 12″ that precedes the producer’s forthcoming Crystal Cult 2080 full-length for Creme Organization, the Hague-based label that boasts Legowelt’s 2003 Reports from the Backseat Pimp LP as one of its early releases.

With LP cut “Crystal Code 2080” alongside three exclusive, non-album tracks, the sampler EP marks a solid outing for Wolfers, even if it is defined by his increasingly recognizable style. “Crystal Code 2080” opens with almost comically spooky organs and features crisp, muted drums, a pulsating acid line, and reverb-soaked vocal samples. The effect is one of melodic but strangely cerebral distance, and is a perfect example of what Legowelt seems to do best these days—dark, sci-fi-inflected, 120-bpm, Detroit-influenced house. The remaining tracks follow a roughly similar template with no less impressive of a result. “Majestic Alchemy” is a tension-filled cut built around effects-laden vocal samples and an irrepressible sense of longing. “Mistral” features scuffed dub-techno beats, while final track “Do What U Gotta Do” adds a bit of ghetto-house grit to the formula, upping the tempo with its robust kicks and claps. While the Crystal Cult 2080 Sampler EP has a ring of ‘same old’ to it, there’s no doubt that Wolfers is making some of the most solid tunes of his career. As a preview of his forthcoming Legowelt album, it’s more than promising.