In his quest for a funkier version of minimal tech-house, Poker Flat founder and globally respected DJ/producer Steve Bug has assembled two CD mixes, one aimed at the dancefloor and the other at the lounge. Bug’s uptempo CD falls surprisingly flat: despite selecting work from globally respected talent (Freaks, Ch√Ęteau Flight, John Tejada and DJ Sneak), Bug’s presentation (using digital mixing program Final Scratch) is somewhat monotonous-it’s hard to get a sense of his mixing skills. In fact, Gillieron & McArthur’s “Now It’s Dark” and Bug’s “That Kid” provide two of the livelier moments on this otherwise ho-hum display. The downtempo CD is better, with Eerik’s “Shimmer” and Antonelli Electr’s “Waiting For You” offering the loveliest interludes.