Dance Mother is a record that might prompt snarky thoughts of “Wow, anyone can be in a band these days.” After all, Telepathe’s Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes aren’t particularly gifted vocalists, and their music is often a sparse collection of synth bleeps and drum-machine beats. That’s not to say that Dance Mother is a bad album—on the contrary, the Brooklyn duo’s debut full-length is a rather charming affair. From the Gary Numan-esque electro-pop of “So Fine” to the swirling synth shoegaze of “Can’t Stand It,” Telepathe knows its strengths and doesn’t overreach. Producer David Sitek (and his collection of analog synths) helps ensure that Telepathe sounds great—somehow the spare arrangements, unpolished vocal harmonies, and odd lyrical choices (there are a lot of unexpected “fucks”) all work. Maybe anyone could have made this record, but Telepathe did make it, and it’s a good one.