On his impressive debut album, Denver artist Pictureplane (a.k.a Travis Egedy) has cooked up a potent brew of new wave, old rave, damaged art rock, and modern U.K. thump. “Solid Gold” is a fuzzy-yet-emotive electro-house number that, thanks to Egedy’s delicately delivered vocals, lacks the beefy bravado that often makes the genre such a snore. The synth stabs and mean piano melodies found on “Trance Doll” and “5th Sun” are full-scale salutes to classic rave, while “New Mind” updates the kind of ’90s vocal dance pop that powered MTV’s The Grind. With “Time Teens” and “True Ruin” employing the skittery beats of U.K. funky, Dark Rift proves that even DIY warehouse kids can make some first-rate dance music.