Master drummer Steve Reid recorded his latest foray into experimental modern jazz in Senegal’s capital city, whose life-teeming rhythms ultimately resulted in an extremely inspired effort. Daxaar throbs to an ancient pulse, enhanced by today’s technology. Though mainly consisting of several extended jam sessions, the album rarely meanders; it’s perhaps most suggestive of a more worldly, less obtuse version of Miles Davs’ On the Corner. With constantly shifting moods and tempos, Reid and company imbue their Afro-futurist opus with feeling, drive, and purpose. The instruments speak in familiar, yet esoteric, tongues; the level of communication between musicians approaches telepathic. Not only is Daxaar one of the most intuitive and organic-sounding electronic music albums in eons, it pretty much dispels the notion that there’s no innovation left in jazz. This is an album you could listen to every day for the next 20 years and never get bored of.