In the ‘70s, Steve Miller laid down some laudable mutant-disco boogie, and everyone from The Clash to KISS tried their hand at winning over DJs. Since those exceptions to the rule, dancefloor-aimed edits have become necessary to any indie combo‘s edifice. Bloc Party‘s Silent Alarm Remixed is a prime example: post-punk‘s descendents transitioned into a gang of 4/4. Now, mangled, nigh-misogynistic Canadian duo DFA79 presents remixes that inject their songs with personable, if insistent, lockstep personalities. However, emotionally frenzied does not always translate well into robo-funk. Justice and Phones-the format‘s de facto figureheads-illustrate remixing‘s shortcoming: riding riffs to the point of over-saturation conversely dilutes them. Thankfully, reworks by Erol Alkan and Sammy Danger retain appropriate ratios of DFA79‘s unhinged blistering, while Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, and Marczech Makuziak buff their versions with Italo-electro optimism.