Electro’s nuclear half-life has already defied science, coming back at least twice in the past decade. Rmxxology prepares funk-o-nauts and retro-futurists for another re-entry into orbital dancefloor space via nu-rave tweaks of Delicious Vinyl’s classic catalog. “Bust a Move” and “Wild Thing” are rescued from frat-house karaoke infamy (the latter with help from Peaches); the Brand New Heavies’ jazzy lounger “Never Stop” takes on a polyceramic disco sheen; Masta Ace’s lyrically eviscerating “Slaughtahouse” gets a laser-tipped upgrade; and Hot Chip lovingly rubs gospelized broken beat reverence into the Pharcyde’s “Passing Me By.” Not bad, as remix projects go. Just watch out for planet-patrolling cyberboogiezoids with oversized leg openings and thermal visors.