Detroit’s last major musical upheaval happened in the ’80s, as techno originators Derrick May, Juan Atkins and crew expressed soul through melodic subtleties, which reacted with the machine-driven elements of their music. Today, there’s a new soul revolution afoot in Detroit, with artists delivering startling instrumental tracks and riveting falsetto cuts that emotionally nod towards the city’s musical forebears-think Smokey, Marvin and ’60s Motown. The Detroit Soul compilation represents the best of this city’s emerging raw talent. Anita Wright, one of only a few female vocalists on the disc, delivers “Untitled,” a delicious ode to the heart-warming feeling of being in love. Athletic Mic League’s “The Loveliest” is a gorgeous half-spoken/half-rapped number dominated by optimistic brass hooks, while Ayro’s “Burning Brightly” further stokes the fire with Rhodes keys, fluid synths and vocals that just won’t let go. From Cobra to Dwele to the Jaylib collaboration, Detroit Soul makes no missteps in marking the new wave of young Motor City soul.