A few downtempo throwaways aside, Klang’s second installment of their “diamonds and rockets” series delivers made-for-mixing tracks that techno headz likely already own on 12”. Klang fans won’t be surprised that minimalism rules: Dan Curtin’s bouncy classic “Synaptic” plucks only the barest notes to skip and flutter against his walloping bassline, while Bored & Lazy’s “The Expert” uses scratchy, corrugated synthesizers to grind through techno beats like a buzz saw. “Red on Black” finds Oliver Ho masquerading under his Raudive moniker, revisiting the lush trance and tribal flavors that he was once known for. Carl Finlow and D’Julz throw down Diamanten’s standout cut with their dark shuffle “Brain Hoover,” an electrifying exercise in lean, stripped-down minimal funk which will have your fingers itching to mix this murky bass into just about anything. Too bad this comp didn’t come mixed–a flaw, however, that ye deck swabbers can easily fix.