Nu-disco jocks would have you believe that they’ve got disco’s feel-good vibes and horn-blessed sounds down, but when you crank up Disco Deutschland Disco, an honorable excavation of German disco classics from 1975-1980, one might think that maybe folks like Prins Thomas are faking the funk a little bit. Here, diva-esque croons and gentle-but-consuming string sections (Su Kramer’s “You’ve Got the Power Pt. 1”) mix with clunky-yet-funky space-synth thumpers (Supermax’s “Lovemachine”) and dancefloor archetypes (ooh-oohs throughout) in a hedonistic, Wall-era haze. Perhaps it’s more than a bit novel to hear these tracks now-often kitschy, often sung in German–but as a sampling of the dance-music nation’s earliest offerings in the genre, it’s nothing short of brilliant.