With a backbeat that can shatter the glass of any steamy DJ booth, and Latin percussion action that will wanna make you push push in the bush like it‘s 1979, Disco Dimensions is a sex hungry slut of a disc that‘s as suitable for Al Pacino‘s undercover homo in Cruising as it is for fans of LCD Soundsystem in Brooklyn. Drawing from different eras of punk-funk, punk-disco, disco-funk, and no wave it‘s as if the Bronx, Spanish Harlem, and Munich all came down to the Mudd Club and Danceteria. Chicken Lips starts if off with some hot synth bass, Ray Mang‘s vocoder has that Troutman zing (I mean zap), and Greenskeepers tease you with naughty house-funk, but it‘s Putsch‘s yellow fever (“Asian Girls”) that provides the real electro-sleaze.