Bearing the address of the hallowed new Submerge headquarters as his DJ moniker, Franki Juncaj builds a rock-solid, nicely mortared mix out of its latest catalog. Drawing inspiration from the densely packed and multihued Hamtramck (one of the two smaller cities within Detroit’s borders) and his own Albanian heritage, Juncaj brings techno, electronic soul and funk together like a downtown cultural festival. True Colors also showcases cuts from Pittsburgh’s Technoir crew, Fabrice Lig and Juncaj’s own Motech Records, and even coaxes surprises out of the booty-shakin’ Electrofunk label, such as Electric Soul’s politically-charged “Stereotype.” Not wanting to lean on any clich»s himself, DJ 3000 shows that, even in techno, it’s not all black and white, city and suburb, minimal and melodic. Throughout its hour of driving, floor-filling fare, True Colors portrays Detroit in the multidimensional light it deserves.