Reviewing this 38-track mix of bleak, urban, jaggedly rhythmic music on a sunny SoCal day induces some wicked cognitive dissonance. Suffice it to say, the fifth edition of Tempa’s indispensable Dubstep Allstars series is the antithesis of the archetypal, easygoing West Coast vibe. DJ N-Type keeps the mood claustrophobically nocturnal and menacingly stark with incessant waves of rude bass pressure and rib-cracking snares and kicks, as dubstep fixtures like Benga, Skream, and Loefah spark friction against cuts by lesser-knowns Coki, Magnetic Man, and Tes La Rock. No matter where you hear Dubstep Allstars, though, you will be thrust ears-first into an East London vortex of sinister low frequencies and beats that do GBH. Hertz so good.