Welsh producer Doc Daneeka has built a reputation for fusing influences together with astounding dancefloor success. His diverse CV reveals versatile production chops capable of reaching anthemic heights, from his funky house roller “Walk On In” for Numbers to his recent nine-minute techno odyssey with Benjamin Damage, “Kansas,” on 50 Weapons. To finish off 2015, Daneeka has come through with two big ones for his own Ten Thousand Yen imprint: an EP of original material, Global Luv, set to drop December 11th, and a massive remix package for his 2014 smash collaboration with Seven Davis Jr., “What’s It Gonna Be”.

Daneeka calls on Detroit house legend Andrés and Welsh compatriot Earl Jeffers for remix duties, adding his own dub version for a package that presents three distinct sides to the original genre-blending tune. Andrés transforms the upbeat immediacy of the original into slinked-back R&B seduction, teasing out the longing nature of Seven Davis Jr.’s vocals while adding in a chunky and round bassline to anchor the groove. Label affiliate Earl Jeffers, who’s also produced under the alias Chesus, deconstructs the original and eschews most of the vocals for a filter-heavy pump that’s primed with raw floor energy. Daneeka’s dub presents the song at its very core, allowing only the very basics of the stripped-back 4/4 groove to do the heavy lifting. Closing out the calendar year in a strong way, Daneeka looks poised heading into new year, re-tooling one of his surefire classics in his ever-expanding catalog.