Berlin-based Norwegian Heidi Mortenson is like the quirky kid lurking in the corner of chem class who sneaks off to punk-rock concerts at night. Indeed, her new album Don’t Lonely Me is part beat-chemist’s work and punk bravado, with a clear nod to Peaches’ sexy, campy romps. The title cut best exemplifies Lonely‘s edgy swagger: icy spoken-word drawls punctuate Mortenson’s electro-pop rhythms, lending a too-cool-for-school ambience throughout. Mortenson isn’t shy about girl-on-girl love, and tracks like “Girl Since I Met You” are lush odes to lust and heartache. It’s the outcast who rules Lonely: a sense of being on the outside looking in, which translates into a rueful feeling shining through Mortenson’s plaintive vocals. She might croon “I ain’t happy/I am alone” on the title track, but if it sounds this good to fly solo, maybe lonely is the new cool.