This Swedish producer’s debut album establishes him as one of Tigerbeat6’s brightest stars. While he’s supplied music for Absolut Vodka and Saab ads, Sodahberk sounds anything but commercial on Don’t Want To Know You‘s 17 tracks. After unleashing some DSP heckler spray on the opening cut, Sodahberk shifts into a killer hip-hop groove that’s as heavy as Dälek, as metallic as mid-period Autechre and as hypnotically tuneful as Wu-Tang Clan. Besides flaunting a surprising funkiness that recalls British masters like Cylob and Si Begg, Sodahberk likes to weave post-rock guitar textures into his digitized noise-clusters. Elsewhere, he angles for a spot on Clicks & Cuts 4 and tries to beat Herbert at his own quirk-house game. He may not want to know you, but you ought to know Sodahberk.