Even as the ’80s revival has dubiously morphed from a passing fad into what seems like permanent status, every once in a while an artist proves that the neon decade still has some ore worth mining. Don’t You Remember the Future is the debut album from U.K. retro-futurist Jamie Jones, and although it portends to be a concept album set in 2116, the music sounds a lot more like 1986, from the Prince-biting proto-rave of “Summertime” to the jackin’ diva-disco of “Half Human.” The Alison Mars-voiced “Absolute Zero” is a bit of a creative detour into sultry mid-’90s electronic pop—think Olive or Lamb—but then The Egyptian Lover shows up on “Galactic Space Bar” to add some electro-funk legitimacy to the proceedings. Yet Don’t You Remember the Future is no exercise in nostalgic hackery—Jones’ production sounds fresh, and taking musical cues from Cybotron is certainly no crime.

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