When he’s not busy running his own Environ label and pursuing electro-soul experiments as one-half of Metro Area, Morgan Geist produces the kind of ultra-sleek, ’80s-inspired synth-pop that’s bubblier than pink champagne and brighter than a pair of pastel-colored legwarmers. Many of the tracks in this set will be familiar to fans of his various EPs and 12s, as will the serenely melancholy vocals of Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan, who graces five of the album’s nine tracks. Prettily programmed confections of old, like “Lullaby” and “Most of All,” still sound fresh, while new tracks like “The Shore” and “City of Smoke and Flame” add just the right amount of postmodern sleaze to Geist’s neon-bright palette of retro synths and caffeinated beats.