Lucky Dragons’ 2006 record, Widows, felt much like being gabbered at in some very unknowable language, like, through nano-sampling and splicing, the one-man band made folk music speak in tongues. Passages would spew for (long) minutes of flickering tribal/folk snips–hand drums, banjos, hoots–broken every couple songs by shocking breaks of melodic and rhythmic clarity. With Dream Island Laughing Language, he’s done testing us. The vague folk palette and diced-up style is the same, but the results are parse-able. Opener “Clipped Gongs” (just that) introduces with a clear enough melody, and album gem, “Band Hammer,” takes everything wonderful and weird about LD and puts it into a dance frame (more fireside than club). Other treats include an actual bassline, and good, un-fucked with singing.