Ghetto-house, gutterbreakz, and other guttural exhalations adhere together like pursed lips suctioning sweat-beaded skin on this “two-sided” coupling of New York producer Drop the Lime and LES DJs Syrup Girls (in the interest of disclosure, half of which is XLR8R editor Vivian Host). DTL‘s unrelenting 42-minute pitch-and hell-bent dubstep is as condensed and grimy as all five boroughs. Meanwhile, Syrup Girls‘ 38 syncopated standout minutes of 4×4 grime, Bmore club, and bubbly bass are viscous yet brisk, splattered with cum-ons and poppin‘ off. Muggy and at times almost gunmetal-grim clanging on side A, raunchy and steely strut on side B, Shotgun Wedding Vol. 4 fires at a crackin‘ clip.