Montreal natives Drew Kim and Brendan Neal make up the fresh-faced production duo Grown Folk, an outfit counted among the growing group of house enthusiasts interested in reviving the genre’s classic vibes with a heavy focus on its dreamier sounds. But unlike contemporaries Teengirl Fantasy or Blondes, Grown Folk’s music is a touch more conservative, and to its benefit. The three songs that make up the Droptop EP are less sprawling and amorphous, and instead offer precise grooves infused with soulful sounds unencumbered by the shroud of delay and reverb.

The EP’s opening title track is certainly the standout of the bunch. Employing just one solid bassline, a few catchy synth hooks, a thumping rhythm, and a couple smooth vocal samples, “Droptop” boasts an infectiousness and effectiveness on the dancefloor due largely to its simplicity and relatively sparse arrangement. It’s an immediate tune that politely commands your attention when blasting from a nearby soundsystem or in headphones. The other two cuts, “Give It (To You)” and “Move on Through,” exhibit the duo’s versatility with house music; the second track takes things into darker sonic territories while the last one ends Droptop on a deeply hypnotic, acid-tinged note. It’s an altogether satisfying release from a promising group that we’ll certainly be keeping tabs on in the years to come.