A skillful keyboardist for Portland post-rockers Fontanelle and multi-instrumentalist for IDM trio Nudge, Paul Dickow also creates microsound compositions that shimmer and expand with wonder as Strategy. Drumsolo’s Delight, the follow-up to Strategy’s 2003 debut, Strut, begins with two slices of glistening-horizon ambience buttressed by subtle, subaquatic tones similar to Kranky’s Pan American and Loscil. But the next two hypnotic, soulful tracks detour from this comforting placidity into lopsided dub-skank rhythms that would stiffen Pole’s pole. “Walkingtime” (featuring Caro’s heavy-lidded soul vox) conjures a swoony lover’s dub haloed with Seefeel-like shards of guitar. Strategy’s finessed fusion of ambient and dub pacifies, but never bores.