Touted as the first fully hi-fi BMSR album, Eating Us keeps the Pennsylvania band’s fuzzy psychedelia intact. Produced by David Fridmann (the only producer that frontman Tobacco would work with), the album is another collection of sunny pop tunes adorned with twinkling electronics, vintage synths, delicately strummed guitar melodies, and sweetly inhuman vocals (delivered via vocoder). While the music certainly owes a debt to the past work of bands like Air and Lemon Jelly, that doesn’t make the zoned-out pop of “Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise,” the wonky noodling of “Tooth Decay,” or the banjo-meets-’70s-planetarium-soundtrack vibe of “American Face Dust” any less enjoyable. Eating Us may not be stuffed with surprises, but it’s a fine effort.