Used to be you couldn’t make a woozy, beat-driven track without garnering comparisons to Boards of Canada. Now, with a swagger in your step and some wonk in your bass, you just might take home the “reminiscent of FlyLo” prize. Each line drawn between those artists and Lone is sure to be valid, but the UK producer, born Matt Cutler, sidesteps a direct facsimile on his new album, Ecstasy & Friends, by adding a touch of old-fashioned R&B soul. Through shimmering haze, glowing synths, and chopped-‘n-screwed samples, the poignant basslines on tracks like “Sungrazer Cascade” and “Love Heads” pull you directly into a world where every day is summer and it’s okay to make out with everyone. It’s a happy place, and you’ll be glad Lone made it for you.