By the time the domineering came out last spring, Ed Banger’s second label comp had gone a ways toward shoving the Parisian electro-house label into the hipster limelight. A year later, Vol. 3 doesn’t redefine anything, really: The players are mostly the same (Busy P, Justice, Uffie, DJ Mehdi) and it’s still a whole lot of rock-loving two-ton beats with nods to disco, curtsies to Daft Punk, and love for sneering, Euro-accented club rap. Murs guests on the Busy P cut, dropping groan-worthy names like Cobrasnake and Steve Aoki. Justice’s “autoremix” of “Stress” turns the track into one the best works of anger and grandiosity since the original. But Vol. 3 is all about DSL’s “Find Me in the World,” a basic enough hip-hop track with a very nice synth melody stairstepping through the mix. The cut more than makes up for hearing Uffie on AutoTune.