L.A.’s true-school trio brings the bionic boom-bap on its sophomore effort, Electric Laser. As the title suggests, they add a slightly electro, synth-heavy touch to their sound. But don’t be fooled–this isn’t some cheesy wannabe-’80s pop/nu-hip-house gimmick shit. Though not as traditional as its 2005 debut, Fly School Reunion, the group manages to maintain the true vibe while pushing the sound forward. Drums still dominate, especially on the aptly named “Speakers Pop.” But there’s no escaping the futuristic funk of Electric Laser–not that you’d want to. Giant Panda’s range in production and style–from serious (“AIM,” “Pops”) to funny (“Do the Robot In Cyberspace”)–is more than welcome. Now you can stop comparing them to P.U.T.S.