Much of the synth and electro-pop being churned out these days is more Déjà vu than a Wharhol exhibit in an old Campbell’s warehouse. We’ve seen and heard all this before. Modern-day covers of ’80s hits aside, there exists a fine line between originality and blatant rip-offs of 20-year-old synth-pop gems. Electricity 2 straddles that line, mixing moments of unique, blip-happy electro pop with grating synth muck. Highlights include Spray’s “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”, a sweeping, time-changing electro whirlwind, while Turd Ferguson’s smirking spoof of Miss Kittin on “Alan Cumming-Nightcrawler Mix” leaves you smiling. And don’t forget about Heaven 17’s new song, as well as fine works by Astromill, NukleoN and Soviet. Now where’d I stash my “Frankie Says Relax” t-shirt?