As Asphalt Jungle, New York partners Brian Tarquin and Chris Ingram follow nicely in a long line of electronic duo dynamics. The propulsive mood of Electro Ave. won’t surprise anyone familiar with the Crystal Method, Cirrus, Apollo 440, Hard Knox, Prodigy and the like. Breaks steamroll, gathering grit, while keyboards twitter and guitar tones that would garner Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix’s approval scream towards the stratosphere. Asphalt Jungle has composed pieces (some included here) for MTV’s Road Rules and the urgency, the need to keep attention, fires through the pumping, flexing music, while pleasantly contrasted by a handful of jazzy, almost Ben Neill-like scores. There is little new about Asphalt Jungle’s fierce big-beat funk, but the duo add an invigorating raw flair that’s distinctly theirs.