Larry Tee is arguably the Patient Zero of the whole damn electroclash virus, and his mix of who’s-who in the said genre reveals its Achilles’ heel. These bandwagon pioneers’ dour, awkward Casio melodies and plodding 808 beats set above vocalists trying to sound detached from the sleaze they champion is music one must pretend to enjoy enough to dance to. That’s why irony is so, like, totally hip. Some highlights: Bis’s Super Mario disco on “Shack Up,” Vostak’s Euro-trash travelogue on “Airplanes,” and Adult.’s leafblower-moog treatment of Felix Da Housecat’s “Silver Screen.” Tee’s showcase, like any 15-minute moment of retrophilia, seems frozen stiff-just like its inspiration from ’80s fashion magazines that can do nothing but yellow.