Although its title initially brings to mind less-than-stellar thoughts, further inspection of Trüby Trio’s debut album reveals its true meaning lies in elevation. Munich-based nu-jazz gods Trüby, Prommer and Appel have birthed a work infused with positivity and sun-drenched good times, trading in the limitations of the genre they helped create for solid musicianship and vitality. Jazz, Latin and soul influences abound, along with a host of guests that provide the jelly for Trüby & Co.’s peanut-butter production-most notably vocalist Wunmi, who brings urgency and grounding to the broken “Runnin'” and the even funkier “Make A Move.” But opening tracks like the smooth disco of “Love To The World” and quirky “New Music” kick things off fairly tamely, postponing any major strides until halfway through, when “A Festa”‘s loose Brazil & bass rhythm gives the album the edge it was sorely lacking. From then on, though, the only way is up.