Fresh on the heels of his “Ceramics Is The Bomb” EP, Chris Clark digs deeper into the melodic IDM territory that Warp’s not explored since Autechre’s Incunabula, placing Clark in the surprising-if unenviable-spot of having Warp’s best release in recent memory. A cracking first track, “Indigo Optimus” posits all the crunchiness of glitch programming, but reins it in under a harrowing, dark chord structure. Likewise, the title track plays deftly with spatial effects and punctuated ambience that suggests any number of post-industrial electronic artists, not Warp’s usual navel-gazing stock. In fact, Empty sounds a lot like L’Usine (American Jeff McIlwain), and that might be the highest compliment that can be paid Clark-and Warp-at this point.