There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to the music of Cayne Ramos (a.k.a. The Organ Grinder)—the Cardiff-based producer makes music that is deeply indebted to the sound of classic house. Still, to characterize Ramos as an artist who’s simply rehashing the familiar aesthetics of that genre would be unfair, as his limited discography has so far shown that The Organ Grinder project is capable of tastefully harkening back to the sounds of classic Chicago, Detroit, and New Jersey, all while infusing the productions with a modern touch.

Following his two releases for the UK-based Catapult label (the first of which housed “Obesession,” a track that gained traction after standing out in Move D‘s Bolier Room set earlier this year), the Enoonami EP marks The Organ Grinder’s debut on Gerd‘s 4lux imprint and the producer’s most extensive record to date. Fortunately, both the new outlet and the extended listen serve to further highlight Ramos’ skill and craftsmanship. Across the EP’s four tracks, Ramos proves himself capable of constructing solid low-end foundations, on top of which vintage chord structures, playful melodies, and even some atmospheric vocals are left to lead the processions.

Although the four tunes here are all likely to get some dancefloor consideration, two in particular stand out—the opening “Smiley Face” and the vocal-led “Project.” Both come from different angles of Ramos’ classicist sound, the latter employing a more jacking approach with stabbing chords and a matching bassline while the former rolls out delayed synth lines and occasional vocal hooks (courtesy of Jessey Allen) that ride along the beat with a bit more swing. These tunes land The Organ Grinder somewhere between fellow UK contemporaries like Citizen and Bicep—it’s a mix of sexy house and old-school vibes that, at times, cleverly dips into house’s more indulgent calling cards. And, similar to the path of his aforementioned contemporaries, Ramos’ rise is likely to continue yielding impressive productions that are ripe for the dancefloor.