The Mush imprint stacks up a double-disc set from Mat Ranson, cherrypicking the best of this London-based experimentalist’s early works on Highpoint Lowlife, including limited edition 10-inches and MP3-only releases. From the joint-popping exotica of “Polska” to the laser-cut bedroom beats of “Reflection,” there’s a wealth of thoughtfully programmed mood-craft to be had here. Tracks like “Moieties (Part Two)” and “Liquid Silver Moments” suspend lumbering computer grooves in rippling, gelatinous atmospherics, while “On Thursday” and “Variant of Option A” set Ranson’s begrimed grit-hop musings apart from the short-circuited beauty of emotive sleepers like “The Way We Found Each Other.” Fans of Neo Ouija and the deeper side of Skam are likely to be impressed.