Bugged In is an early hours trip through the diverse tastes of Erol Alkan, a resident of London‘s super fashion-conscious indie-meets-dance night Trash. On the first disc, Scandinavians The Concretes provide an indie-folk take on The Stones‘ “Miss You,” whilst Campag Velocet‘s wonderful “Obsessed By The Gloom” warms up for a sweet cover of Ride‘s “Vapour Trail” by Trespassers William. The mood switches on the Bugged Out mix, demonstrating that Alkan‘s more than au fait with cutting-edge electro-house. Roman Flügel‘s spanking “Geht‘s Noch?,” DJ T.‘s essential “Time Out,” and Alkan‘s own edit of Alter Ego‘s loud masterpiece “Rocker” are amongst many fine and warped moments. Sensational.