A potent blast of short, choppy dance rock, Everything’s Perfect is indeed a perfect dose of energized noise. From the whirlwind guitars of “Ha Ha Ha” to the synths-and-drums maelstrom of “Laika,” Team Robespierre’s breakneck sonics sound like what would happen if Milemarker experienced a head-on collision with The Minutemen. The sing-along stomp of “Black Rainbow” and “88th Precinct” could have been scooped up from Freedom of Choice’s killing floor, while “Death Smells” should have been left there. And sure, Team Robespierre has a formula: Jam synths, call-and-response shouts, and kinetic rhythms into the blender, shred, and repeat. But it works just fine, and is far from boring, especially with lines like “I want gasoline/Leave the lead in it.” Smartasses.