This new compilation from Large Music bills itself as containing “dark and dubby electric grooves.” If this is what passes for dark in the house music world, then throw on that Skinny Puppy record, and let’s jet. There’s scarcely a minor chord melody or scary sound among these ten tracks. On the plus side, there is some experimenting with 4/4’s boundaries here, which can only be a good thing. Highlights of Evolution… include the squelching Chicago-style funk of Peter Hecher’s “Funkdafied,” the drummy and tribal “Paradise” by Roy Davis Jr., and “Hold On To You,” Jay-J and Andrew Macari’s bizarre combination of ’80s, disco and gospel-house influences. Personally, I find house a little hard to take when it’s unmixed, but if you’re a conoisseur, you’ll love these 60 minutes of raw, unadulterated tracks.