There’s a harsh truth about label best-of compilations—there’s no excuse for filler. Unfortunately, at least half of this two-disc set feels like just that. Shir Khan draws from the Exploited catalog, including unreleased cuts, focusing heavily on electro-house and baile funk. For sheer volume, he can’t be faulted—Exploited features 50 tracks—but it’s quantity at the expense of quality, as far too many tracks here are indistinct and could best be described as “okay.” There is good stuff to be found—the SIS remix of Minimow’s “Bollyhouse” has a spooky minimal power, the Mercury remix of Le Le’s “Breakfast” has a beautifully bitchy attitude, and DJ Chernobyl and Praga’s “Balanco” provides some much-needed energy—but they’re nearly lost amongst all the mediocre tunes.