Berlin’s electrifying Steve Bug accomplishes what so many DJs lack the skill to truly execute: a borderless smoothing of techno’s lean, minimal edges and house music’s celebratory exuberance. As chief of the Poker Flat, Dessous, and Audiomatique labels, Bug has indulged his personal fascination with blending these two styles (not necessarily tech-house but rather a seamless weave between the genre’s sensibilities). His Fabric mix shows Bug as the devoted minimalist: Long, single notes lead confidently into the next track, letting ambient sheens fall and drape in glistening overlays (Afrilounge’s “Lux Dementia”) and chugging train noises morph into hand-clapping funk (Chloe’s remix of Rework’s “Love Love Love Yeah”). It’s all seductive stuff, effective at Hoovering you onto the dancefloor.