It’s funny that the “minimal” genre has an abbreviation, because increasingly mnml’s aims seem marathon, counterbalancing big room’s exaggerations by becoming as drawn out as trance was drawn up. And with his second commercially released mix, Cadenza Records’ Luciano continues the denouement denouncement, condensing a session of well-flogged 2008 live staples–parts down-turned miniminiminimal, deep tribal house and auroral techno. Like fellow Chilean DJ/producer Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano aerates wonky riffs, sub-dermal bass, and groined melodies, in this case by artists including Rhadoo, D’Julz, Los Updates, Reboot, Inner City, Kenny Larkin, and Chymera. The Latin soul-distilled Detroit-lite threading is interrupted only by low-end modulations and M83’s starry-eyed pause for breath. Whereas some mixes are a statement, this one is merely a thoughtfully sourced souvenir.