Claude VonStroke’s Fabric 46 mix begins like a stoner session overtaken by a pair of funky, horn-infused tracks by Ekkohaus, followed immediately by some cheeky, cut-up soul on his own remix of Bootsy Collins’ “The Greasy Beat.” Shifting gears, the middle of the disc finds the San Francisco producer and Dirtybird founder cruising along a shared bassline through a wasteland of house music, eventually breaking the uniformity with a double-track combination of Xpansul & Daweed’s tickled “Pilsnerd” and Mark Houle’s hyper-plinky “Dirty Dirty,” which then bleeds into German DJ Dinamoe’s squelchy ’90s-style tech-house number, “Maceo.” Over the course of 20 tracks, VonStroke blends his disparate influences into a seamless impression of his at-times unpredictable style.