In the age of the ubiquitous, manicured Ableton mix, it’s no wonder so much attention has been paid to Martyn‘s decision to mix Fabric 50 live. But to focus solely on this mix’s raw, seat-of-your-pants style is to miss the mark. Fabric 50 not only offers a glimpse into the sounds that influenced Martyn’s superb Great Lengths, but it also stands as a testament to the contemporary amalgamation of dubstep, bass, and techno. From Zomby’s rave-ups to Ben Klock’s icy Berghain techno to the swing and shuffle of 2562, Kode9, Joy Orbison, and, of course, Martyn himself, Fabric 50 is a perpetually electrifying, if not always polished, exemplification of just how splintered and versatile the world of dubstep has become.