In interviews, Marcus Intalex is prone to apologies. Long ago he dashed into someone’s DJ booth, switched off the music because “he didn’t like it,” and began spinning his own, apologizing all the way. Blame it on New Order, who propelled Intalex into dance music, whereupon he established his Soul:r label and Soul:ution nights and became known for, um, soulful drum & bass. Fast-forward to FabricLive 35, where Intalex gets emotional with melodious mix opener Calibre ft. Lariman’s “Over Reaction.” It’s not unusual for saxophones or xylophones to skitter amid the rhythms, or a dubwise vocalist to warble during the breakdowns. In fact, Amaning vs. Dubwise place strings and piano in a nearly New Age run prior to banging the beats. Lynx and Kemo go low with sub-bass and chilled keyboards, while Alix Perez and Sabre’s frisky vocal soul round out the set. Nineteen heartfelt tracks-no apologies.