Dubstep has reached a populist moment. Who better to capture its arrival than dub-fiend duo Gary “Caspa” McCann and Chris “Rusko” Mercer, who share a weekly RinseFM show, anthemic releases on Sub Soldiers and Dub Police, and the mixing skills to encapsulate dubstep’s wide palette. The 29-song mix opens with sub-bass and reggae-flavored tracks like Uncle Sam’s “Round The World Girls–Tes La Rok Mix,” and Rusko’s own “Jahova.” From there, the gloves come off, revealing dubstep’s rougher side on bombs like Coki’s menacing “Sponge Bob,” Rusko’s see-saw bass ride “Hammer Time,” and his Sexy Beast-meets-ska rumble “Cockney Thug.” Unlike other dubstep mix comps that proceed sedately, Caspa and Rusko opt for an adrenaline- and beer-soaked bash.